Your New Artistic Life Begins Here

Today your life becomes something extraordinary.
Today you commence a creative journey of transformation.
Today you awaken to a rich and exciting artistic life ...

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Quill & Camera

Keep up with the musings of Sebastian Michaels on his blog at Quill and Camera

The Photo Artistic Life

Savor the stunning artwork of AWAKE artists in the pages of Living the Photo Artistic Life

Student Achievements

Get inspired by the achievements of students from our "AWAKE Group"

Photoshop Artistry

With over 40,000 students in over 93 countries around the world, Photoshop Artistry with Sebastian Michaels has become one of the foremost Photoshop courses today.

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Creative Black & White

There is something exquisite and enchanting in the realm of monochrome ... And this extensive exploration into the artistry of that world has taken the art world by storm.

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"Living the Photo Artistic Life"

From 2015 to 2023, the most dedicated advanced Photoshop Artistry students were given the opportunity to elevate their creative lives by joining the celebrated "AWAKE" group — which is not just a Photoshop course, but an experience like no other.

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Step Into an Extraordinary Creative Life

Your life is about to change forever. And the place to begin your artistic journey is with our immensely popular course Photoshop Artistry ("Fine Art Grunge Composition")


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