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An exciting introductory version of the most celebrated photo artistry course of our time.

The internationally acclaimed Photoshop Artistry "Fine Art Grunge" course with Sebastian Michaels has attracted over 16,000 enthusiastic students from over 93 countries around the world ...

But at between $297 and $397 (depending on the version), it was simply out of the price range of many photographers.

Which is why it's so exciting to announce the first-ever opportunity to grab the the essential core training and bonus content — at only 12% of the normal price!

After a recent move to a completely new platform, it's been made possible to create a scaled-down version of this hugely popular course ...

And even when scaled down, this version includes ALL of the most important training and content, perfect for even complete beginners to intermediate users of Photoshop or Adobe Elements.

Once you enter the training site . . .

  • You'll learn your way around all the most important parts of the program, mastering the key components and tools necessary for working in Photoshop as an artist.
  • You'll master the use of Layers and Blend Modes and all of the most important techniques employing Layer Masks.
  • You'll become confident in the best ways of bringing in Filters and a wide range of dramatic Lighting Effects.
  • You'll learn the most effective pro techniques behind incorporating artistic textures in your work.
  • You'll achieve miraculous control over every aspect of your work through the use of all the most important Adjustment Layers and their accompanying Masks.
  • You'll produce exquisite painterly effects, grunge effects, and a host of subtle refinements that will give your compositions the post-production polish achieved by top professional artists.
  • And as a BONUS you'll also receive access to four substantial sets of pro-designed high-res artistic textures for use in radically enhancing your work, and each with full commercial licensing — sets by top designers like Cheryl Tarrant, Kim Klassen, and Paree Erica.

This course really will give you everything you need to dive into the exciting realm of serious photo artistry.

What you learn here will set you apart from conventional photographers and will open up an amazing new realm of creative expression and extraordinary flights of imagination.

Believe me . . . Your life as a photographer will never be the same.

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A whole new world opens up to you today. Because this "Intro" course covers everything you'll need to take command of Photoshop or Adobe Elements. In it, you'll master the use of Layers, Blend Modes, Masks, Adjustment Layers, Filters, Textures, Lighting Effects, and more.

Even if you're brand new Photoshop or Adobe Elements!

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"Intro" Edition
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What Just a Few of the 16,000+ Students Worldwide Are Saying About Photoshop Artistry . . .


Best content of any course that I’ve taken … In fact, it’s clearly the best set of tutorials I’ve seen on the internet. It’s packed with value and the instructor is fabulous. Great value and great teacher too! I’m addicted!!” - Barry R.

“Having a great time! Just not getting much sleep. Ha!” - Robert G.

“This is sooo much fun thank you for teaching this in a way that makes it so enjoyable.” - Sue M.

“Your course is probably the best and most informative and easy to follow that I have attended. I am getting so much from it. Not only for grunge photo work but also just general editing. When I look at my edited photos now, they really have been taken to another level with the skills learned here. Love the cheat sheets too. Thanks so much!” - Steven S.

“Thanks for the awesome Photoshop course! Love the videos, you’re a fantastic teacher.” - John R.

This course is incredible. Your expertise and enthusiasm shines through every video. I’m delighted.” - Ann P.

“I sit there watching you add layer after layer, effect after effect, and you end up with a mind-blowing comp! I didn’t take a single note during that video. I just watched in awe!“ - Jim R.

The amount of stuff on the site is FANTASTIC and I’m not even halfway though the main course!!!” - S. Newlyn

“Thanks for the fabulous course content. I am so grateful for all you have been able to put together for us. It is really wonderful!” - L. Lipke

“Your enthusiasm is contagious. The videos are engaging, with just the right amount of detail, and the instructional progression is logical and each segment builds on the prior. I’m learning so much, and am inspired to keep trying things outside my comfort zone.” - Catherine K.

“I wanted to thank you for one of the best courses on making art from photography that I have ever purchased.“ - Michael M.

“The course is terrific — well structured and your delivery is first class, and I’m pleased to be part of it. Like all courses and all training, the more you put in the more you get out, but you need a good course and trainer to start with.” - Janet T.

Sooooo impressed with the course content and SO excited I can’t sleep for all the things buzzing around in my head!” - W. McGlinchey

“Can I first thank you for such a wonderful course … the amount of effort you are putting into it and the level of communication you give … You have completely changed the way I think of photography and have really inspired me. Thanks for a brilliant course at such a very, very good price!!!” - Paula P.

I can’t get over how good you are at teaching! As an older student, I thank you for being specific about the processes you have developed. You have a wonderful program and I truly appreciate your skills as a teacher!” - S. Chapman

Finally a class that teaches me things I can actually use in my digital art. I’ve picked up so many new tips and tricks in Photoshop that I would never have thought of doing. This is a well-structured, truly must-have class!!!” - T. Rutschman

“Just signed on to this course – working my way thru Module 1 and I’m BLOWN AWAY with the amazingness! I am learning so much! Incredible value here – Thanks so much!” - Beth L.

Your course is fabulous and I see myself now for the first time as an artist and also calling myself one! Thank you very much for all you are giving to us students! This is the best thing that has happened to me in my whole life!” - S. Cascadea

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"Intro" Edition
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PS:  Just to reiterate ... this is the brand new "Intro" edition of the celebrated Photoshop Artistry Fine Art Grunge course. It's literally only 12% the cost of the full original version.  So you're getting a huge, huge discount. But it's also a scaled-back version. Still has all of the most important training — everything you most need to begin creating art like this — but just to be clear, it's not the full thing.  (That said, if you're new to this stuff, give the Intro version a try.  You can always elect to upgrade to the full version at a huge discount later.  So no worries!)


PPS:  And remember . . . you really have no risk whatsoever here.  You can explore the entire introductory course for fully 60 days, enjoy all the training, and grab all the bonus content.  Just try it out and and decide if you like it.  If not, you have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Just say the word and you get every penny back.  It's really that easy.


PPPS:  Today ... your life is going to change forever.  Just so you know.


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