What Kind of Art Could YOU Create —
If You Had the World's Most Powerful Artistic App on Your iPhone or iPad (and Knew How to Use It)?

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What if you could simplify ...

What if you could create AMAZING art using nothing but an iPad or an iPhone ...

And what if you could do it with just ... ONE ... app?

Well ... with what you're about to discover — you CAN.

You've surely seen by now just how powerful mobile apps can be in creating fantastic works of art. But what we're seeing now is how ONE app has clearly risen to the top, assumed a class all its own, and truly become a force unto itself . . .

It's called iColorama.

This is the one.  In amazing image after amazing image, you see iColorama listed in the credits.

In discussion after discussion among mobile artists, this is the app everyone wishes they could master.

No question about it:  If you dream of creating amazing, pro-caliber artistic work on your iPhone or iPad — iColorama is the app you're going to want to master.

Only thing is . . .

iColorama Does SO Much ... It Can Be a Little Overwhelming

Which is why it's hardly any surprise that BY FAR the #1 most-requested training we see for a mobile app belongs to iColorama.

This one app is used (it would seem) by ALL the top mobile artists.

And without question, no other app can achieve such a stunning array of artistic results and deliver such a delightful creative experience as iColorama.

If you know how to use it.

Which is why after half a year of intense collaboration . . . we're excited to finally announce something that can change your artistic life forever . . .

Your Path to Artistic Mastery: iColorama Creative!

At last! The first creative course dedicated to mastering iColorama across a wide range of artistic approaches and techniques . . . Taught by acclaimed authors and artists Susan Tuttle and Nicki Fitz-Gerald!

What You Get!

iColorama Creative is essentially two online courses in one — and it's the combination of the two that pushes it over the top.  Sign up today and you'll get instant lifetime access to  . . .

  • 12 substantial multi-video tutorials (over 90 videos in all!), each built upon an exciting artistic piece and enhanced with a variety of extensions and projects.
  • A fun bonus tutorial by Susan Tuttle carrying the core training even further while providing real insights into how pro artists work.
  • An extensive 10-part bonus tutorial by Nicki Fitz-Gerald covering the other highly valuable iColorama app used in painterly projects: MetaBrush!
  • Three amazing bonus brush libraries by elite content designer Jen Maddocks!
  • Two additional bonus content libraries (artistic textures and PNG files) by Susan Tuttle!
  • Access to the special iColorama Creative Facebook Group, where you'll be able to share your work, ask questions, get feedback from Susan and Nicki, and drop in anytime you might wish to get inspired!

Begin Creating Stunning Works of Artistry in iColorama Creative Today!



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Seriously — you can spend a full two months enjoying the course, go and download the bonus content, and learn to wield iColorama like a pro ... And if for any reason you don't absolutely love it, you can get every penny back.  It's that simple!

What Just a Few of Susan and Nicki's Students Around the World Are Already Saying . . .


"This is the course we have all been waiting for, for so long! The content is AMAZING and will take you on a complete journey I could never have discovered on my own! Susan Tuttle and Nicki FitzGerald are the most generous teachers and are both extremely qualified and talented — each in their own right! Don't miss this one!" - Dale Botha

"Thanks to Susan and Nicki for putting together this awesome course focused solely on iColorama! I am becoming more comfortable with the app that has eluded me for so long! It's one of my favorite apps, however I never even touched the surface of its capabilities until this course. I highly recommend it."  — Cathy Bueti

"Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how much fun I’m having with iColorama! I feel like my creative Kracken has been released. When I bought my iPad a year ago, I bought iColorama and promptly became frustrated because I couldn’t figure out how to use it. I am sooooo grateful for this class. The progress I have made in two weeks is astounding." - Jennifer Wagner


"I am doing a happy dance, thanks to this wonderful course Nicki and Susan have created for us. I am learning so many new tips and tricks — my creativity is in overdrive right now, so I am taking advantage of it!" - Janine van Holthe


"I have taken classes from Susan and Nicki before, and it’s a mind-blowing creative path having them teach this class together. I am having the time of my life." - Debbie Strong


“I love your style of teaching so much, Susan! You’ve explained every method perfectly in a structured and easy to follow way – it’s always so much fun and also so inspiring to learn from you!” - Rosie Grey


“Thank you, Nicki … your tutorials are so easy to understand, and about the subject and not the presenter. You are a welcome breath of fresh air.” - Derry Caulfield


If you ever have the opportunity to take one of Susan’s classes, don’t hesitate … you won’t regret it! She’s great!” - Diane Cook


“Nicki is a brilliant collage artist pushing the limits of mobile art each day with her wonderful painterly and abstract creations all straight from the iPhone and iPad.” - Andy Royston


“Susan has changed so many lives. Helping people to bring out the best in their art and finding talent they never believed they had is amazing.” - Trish Hoskin


"Your videos have saved me trawling through endless app reviews and searching for "how to ..." guides. Thank you Nicki." - Peter Bryenton


“I thought I knew a lot about how to create iPhone art, but Nicki still left me saying ‘wow!’ again and again. [Nicki's training is] just filled with terrific techniques and tips that anyone can learn, use, and adapt to their own iPhone art. Highly recommended.” - Marty Yawnick (LifeinLofi)


"It is impossible not to adore Susan; she is one of those rare mixtures of joy, inspiration, warmth and genuine talent. Susan’s approach in her books and courses is no-nonsense, informative and full of brilliance!" - Caroline Julia Moore


"Absolutely amazing course.  I had used iColorama before, but learned SO much more about how it really works with this course. iColorama is a complex app but with Susan and Nicki as your guides you will be producing amazing work with the first video. AND at half price you can't go wrong. So don't let this opportunity pass you by!" - Jean Hutter


"I have been a big fan of Nicki's work since I first saw it on Instagram. I was drawn to her creativity and painterly style; some of her work looks like paintings. Nicki's unique style of fine art photography is a true visual treat and I believe that her passion for mobile artistry shared in this course will enable people to express their own creativity, not only by learning the advanced editing tutorials on layering, blend modes and masking techniques but the endless inspiration she finds from almost any subject caught in her field of vision. Her work is pure poetry!” - Mark Fearnley


"Susan and Nicki’s iColorama Creative course has stepped up my skills in iColorama by LIGHT YEARS. Thank you!" - James Ranka


"For me, presentation, professionalism and ease of understanding are as important as content and with Susan’s course I got all that and more. Susan delivers her lessons in an organized and easy to follow format. Susan definitely knows her stuff… and I am SO happy she’s willing to share it with us so we can improve our own work and be inspired to move beyond the mundane to the magical!" - Geri Centonze


"From the bottom of my heart thank you Susan and Nicki for putting this class together! I finished all the tutorials and had so much fun and learned so much. You have opened up new creative doors for me! I’m ready to sign up for whatever new classes you both may have on the horizon."  - Karen Johnson

Student Art from iColorama Creative! Top row by: Suz Doodle, Tricia Dewey, Tricia Dewey, and Janine Van Holthe. Bottom row by: Janine Van Holthe, Dale Botha, and Rita Colantonio.

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions . . .


Q: What if I can’t get to the course right away? How long do I have to access the content?

A: That’s one of the beauties of this course. All of the content is already on the course site. You can sign in any time that’s convenient for you AND you have Lifetime Access to the content.


Q: What if I’m a total beginner? Will iColorama Creative be too complex for me? And, if I’m more experienced with the app, do you think this course will have something to offer me?

A: This course was meticulously designed with both the beginner and more seasoned iColoramist in mind. To start, we provide you with an overview of the app interface and demonstrate what a typical workflow within the app would look like. In doing so, we help you to establish a solid foundation… one that you can build upon, taking your art in all kinds of exciting directions… whether it be painterly or collage-styled in nature. Nicki and Susan provide you with a plethora of fun, creative projects sure to excite any digital artist, regardless of experience. The step-by-step training you’ll receive is easy-to-follow and allows you to develop your skills with ease.


Q: How long will this HALF OFF special offer be available for?

A: We’ve received a lot of inquiries about this, and after some thought we thought it would be great to extend this offer through the holidays, until December 31. We hope to make your holiday season that much more fun, creative, merry and bright! Gift a friend. Or gift yourself. You deserve it!


Q: Do I need any resources or materials to participate?

A: All you need is your enthusiasm, sense of wonder, and a desire to create, plus the iColorama app, which costs a mere $2.99 in the App Store. You also have the option to purchase the MetaBrush app ($3.99) and the iC Brushes app ($1.99) which are featured in Nicki’s bonus tutorial (both made by the creators of iColorama), but that's up to you.


Q: What if I have questions about the class?

A: No problem. We are always here to support you with whatever you need, be it a technical question or a more artistic inquiry. There will be email support as well as access to a welcoming and comfortable Facebook group where you can ask questions, receive help, and share your work if you like.


Q: I don't really use Facebook not sure I want to. Is that part an absolute must?

A: The Facebook group is completely optional and will not take away from your experience of the course if you decide to skip that part.  Think of it as a resource for the course. It's a place where folks can ask questions, share about their art and process if they are comfortable with that, and connect with others. Certainly not mandatory. But definitely a lot of fun.


Q: How do I view the course?

A: You can watch the videos on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC. 


Q: Will this course be kept up-to-date?

A: Yes.  Absolutely.  If any significant change occurs in the app, we will be sure to update the material to reflect that change.

Don't Miss This Opportunity to Transform Your Artistic Life with iColorama Creative!

Join Susan and Nicki on this exciting artistic adventure . . . Learn to wield iColorama like a pro as you explore a wide range of styles and techniques . . . And have an absolute blast along the way!

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PS:  And remember . . . you have no risk whatsoever in exploring this training.  You not only get full access at HALF OFF, you can enjoy the entire iColorama course for fully 60 days, dig into all the training, and grab all the bonus content.  Just try it out and and decide if you like it.  If not, you have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Just say the word and you get every penny back.  That's how confident we are that you will love the training we've put together for you!


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