Fine Art Photo Artistry

With Brooke Shaden & Sebastian Michaels

"Imagine planning and staging your own conceptual photo shoots . . . Orchestrated around creative ideas and themes that inspire you . . . All while discovering your own style and crafting the finest artwork of your life . . ."

Announcing: The Long-Awaited Collaboration Between Celebrated Instructors Brooke Shaden and Sebastian Michaels!

Question for you:

When was the last time you took an idea that had you bursting with excitement . . . and then created a complete work of art around it?

Start to finish.  From the idea to the photography to the finished canvas.

Was it recently?  Is it often?

Do you sometimes wonder if you're busy creating images that you feel are nice enough to look at in the moment . . . yet sense they'll soon end up forgotten?

Or are you creating artwork that truly means something to you — something your audience will never forget — that has a real chance to endure?

Artwork that is not only FUN to create but engages your soul . . . and perhaps even defines your life as an artist . . .

Because you know what?  That's actually possible
to you.

In fact ... a whole new world comes available to you when you lay absolute claim to your own creative vision . . .

Each piece then becomes part of your emerging body of work.

Each piece takes its place in what can ultimately (and truly) become a gallery exhibition celebrating your imagination and mastery.

Each piece becomes a work you can take immense pride in — because it's entirely yours.

And that's where conceptual fine art photo artistry truly stands out.

But let's clarify this . . . and look at

The real meaning of Conceptual Photo Artistry:

Understand, this isn't about trick photography or about creating something "dark" or "surreal."

Maybe you'll want to explore some of that or maybe you won't.  

Those are just options.

What matters in conceptual artistry is exploring themes, symbolism, and ideas that touch something within YOU.

The truth is, everything is open to you here — a world of possibilities.

Conceptual art IS about ideas, but those ideas are yours to dream up and explore in any style you choose.

Not that it's easy.

Learning to think thematically and dream up great ideas ... and then bring them to life in an actual photo shoot ... and then craft a masterful image from the results ... 

This takes knowledge and practice.  Obviously.

Becoming an accomplished artist requires mastering a broad set of skills.

And this is where having an experienced mentor becomes so valuable.

Because your time is limited.  You want to make the most of it.

And an artistic exploration such as this will prove so much easier under the guiding hand of one who has been living that journey and sharing its secrets with aspiring photographers all around the world for the past decade.

Similarly, mastering the techniques of creating pro-quality artwork can be radically sped along with a skilled instructor walking you through every step of the process.

So you can surely see . . .

Talented, dedicated instructors can make all the difference in the world in how soon you succeed.

Which is why Brooke Shaden and Sebastian Michaels — two of the most celebrated and widely acclaimed  instructors today — have come together and created a complete system for you to employ in dreaming up amazing ideas all your own, and bringing them to life ... first in your journal, then in front of the camera, and then on the canvas.

And in a way, it was inevitable.

It had to happen eventually.

Sebastian Michaels heads up one of the most dedicated groups of digital photo artists on the planet.

Brooke Shaden conducts the most acclaimed and wildly popular live fine art photography workshops in the world.

It was only a matter of time before they came together.

When they did ... it was magic.

And this is why we have invited you here . . .


Conceptual Fine Art Photo Artistry

with Brooke Shaden & Sebastian Michaels

Conceptual Fine Art Photo Artistry is a BRAND NEW stand-alone online course.  And with both Brooke and Sebastian as your guides, it's essentially two online courses in one.  Two separate artists, with two separate voices — opening up a whole new world for you.  And the magic truly is in the pairing, because it's the combination that makes all the difference.

Here's What You Get!

Sign up today and you'll get instant lifetime access to  . . .

  • Live training videos from 6 brand new photo shoots with Brooke Shaden (conducted expressly for this course), in which Brooke walks you through everything she now feels is essential when creating serious works of art.
  • Extensive layer-by-layer, technique-by-technique Photoshop tutorials by Sebastian Michaels, walking you through each of Brooke's original compositions crafted from her photo shoots.
  • In-depth training on Pro-Level Editing and Creative Compositing in Photoshop.  (Whether you're a beginner or already feel you're an advanced user, this training will open your eyes to a whole new creative approach to fashioning fine art images suitable for a gallery exhibition.)
  • Extensive training on Planning and Conducting Your Own Creative Photo Shoots: covering everything you'll want to know, from dreaming up great ideas ... to finding the perfect location and lining up a model ... to capturing the precise photos that will allow you to bring it all to life on your canvas as a powerful work of art.
  • An exciting series of 7 Bonus "Variation" Tutorials in which Sebastian walks you (layer by layer, technique by technique) through exquisite compositions by seven other highly skilled photo artists from around the world.  (This will radically expand the range of approaches you'll be able to take with your own artwork and spark all sorts of other ideas across numerous different styles.)
  • Bonus Training: "The Unexpected Object Shoot" which will have you completely rethinking what's possible in conceptual fine art photography (and enable you to create meaningful, profound work even if you have no interest whatsoever in working with models).
  • Access to Extensive Training and Behind-the-Scenes Footage from 6 Bonus Photo Shoots with Sebastian Michaels, planned over the next three months.  (This will keep you even more engaged in the course, with fresh content and new approaches coming out every two weeks, each bolstered with creative assignments to challenge you throughout 2020!)
  • Access to the Private Conceptual Fine Art Photo Artistry Facebook Group, where you'll be able to share your work, brainstorm ideas, ask questions, enjoy feedback from your peers, and drop in anytime you might wish to get inspired!

This is Your Opportunity
To Make THIS the Year You Transform Your Photography and Art Forever.

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Seriously — you can spend a full two months enjoying the course (that's all the way until mid-February!) ... And if for any reason you don't absolutely love it, you can get every penny back.  It's that simple!

What Just a Few of Brooke & Sebastian's Students Around the World Are Already Saying . . .


“Brooke Shaden is brilliant photographer and Sebastian Michaels is a brilliant teacher.  What could be better?  In an age when much of new art is just bad, Brooke is excellent, ‘in tune,’ and inspiring.  And Sebastian teaches complex skills better than anyone I know.  Not only can he explain and demonstrate Photoshop well, he gets the sequence right, so we students are building real skills as we progress through the training.  In my best dreams, I could not have come up with a better course. Thank you, Brooke.  Thank you, Sebastian.” ~ Max Chandler

“Absolutely fantastic.  I'm loving the way that Sebastian and Brooke complete each other so well, with Sebastian’s immense and detailed knowledge of Photoshop and editing and Brooke’s painter-like artistic approach. I'm already feeling inspired and desperately planning out some new shoots!” ~ Andy Dench

“I have just started Conceptual Fine Art Photography Artistry Course, and I am LOVING it!  This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. :)   Sebastian’s courses are always so professional, informative, easy to follow, and he provides such amazing ongoing support.  Brooke is a great instructor, and she and Sebastian make an awesome team!” ~ June Fox


“I have always loved Sebastian’s teaching style. His videos are pleasant to listen to, informative and effective.  I like that he repeats information because that is the optimum way people learn.  I think it is a fine idea to have Brooke talk about photos and then have Sebastian talk about the photo artistry.  It works well.  So far I'm really enjoying it.” ~ Gale Gronow

“This course couldn’t be any better for me.  Love Brooke’s work and everything Sebastian has built!  You have done an amazing job putting this together.” ~ Lynda Adlington

“I had seen workshops of Brooke before on Creative Live, but this one is different, more in-depth, more integrated . . . I can't imagine that there is a more comprehensive, better artistic Photoshop class in the world.”  ~ Marcel Deray

“I think LOVE sums up my feelings on this new training.  Thank you Brooke and Sebastian for all that you do to help and encourage others.” ~ Cheryl Schuh

“The Conceptual Fine Art Photo Artistry Course came along at the perfect time for me.  It is year end and I am evaluating my work for this year and setting goals for the next.  I have long been a fan of Brooke Shaden and have take quite a few of Sebastian’s classes — what a powerhouse duo. What really excites me is the photography portion of the course. I bought a new digital camera in May and am in the process of learning how to use it. In looking over the material for this class I think it is just what I need to jump start my creativity again and allow me to create some new and exciting digital art.” ~ Jean Hutter

“This course for me is one of the best ever.  I've already learned so many new techniques.  This is totally enthralling.” ~ Debbie de Juan

“I know I’m just at the beginning and I haven’t even gotten to the meaty part of the training, but I can already tell this adventure will be extraordinary!” ~ Jo Wilmot

“This course is the combination of my two most favorite and inspiring people – Sebastian Michaels and Brooke Shaden!  I have already jumped into the training, and am hugely surprised at not only at how much more I am already learning, but also at how this is already starting to reshape my thinking.  Looking forward to this journey!” ~ Lynne Kruger-Haye

"Working with my own images (rather than stock) makes me feel like an artist.  I am excited about nurturing new ideas for shooting images for my composite creations." ~ Jerry McKay

“Soon as I heard this was available it took me all of five minute to sign on.  I’ve gone through the first five sessions of the course already, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.  Brooke's work is masterful, and following it up with Sebastian’s additional breakdown of her methods and alternate ways of achieving them is really helpful.” ~ Greg Markstrrom

“I had no doubt that this course would exceed any expectations I could dream up, and it already has.  It’s also helped bring clarity to my long-time vision and will really help me with focus on my projects in 2020.” ~ Pam J Costa

“Even better than I hoped it would be!  Brooke, with her warm, welcoming style is so giving with all the knowledge and experience she is sharing.  But it's not just a glimpse into her world like you get from one of her wonderful books, this is Brooke taking you by the hand and walking with you through every step of her creative process.  Combine that with Sebastian's fantastic teaching style and together they are creating magic!  This course is teaching me to explore concepts and stretch my imagination in directions I have never dreamed of before.  I'm only just beginning and already I've gained so much.  I can't wait to keep going.” ~ Sharon Langford

“Conceptual Fine Art Photo Artistry takes you from your initial thought or idea, through each step required along the way, to the final result of your very own awesome piece of art.  The combination of Brooke Shaden's amazing creativity and artistry along with Sebastian Michaels’s incredible ability to break down information, inspire, and educate in all aspects of the creative process, make this course unique and so worthwhile.  The course covers imagination, inspiration, and artistry as well as the tools used in Photo Artistry — photography, Photoshop (and/or Elements), the gear you need, all the issues you should consider, the step-by-step process before, during, and after your photo shoot — absolutely everything you need to think about to achieve this type of high-level Conceptual Photo Artistry!” ~ Bronwyn Kenmir


“The course is very easy to follow. It is enjoyable and very informative, and the videos are done in short manageable sessions and very professionally produced. It is also introducing some exciting concepts that are inspiring and engaging, and I now feel much more confident to be able to direct my own photo shoots. Well done to both Brooke and Sebastian for inspiring us to be more creative.” ~ Vivien Buckley

"I am really enjoying the new course. Brooke and Sebastian both have such an engaging style that makes watching their tutorials so interesting and fun.” ~ Ron Anderson

"I love this new course. My two biggest influences in my creative journey, together at last! Brooke and Sebastian are both so generous with their knowledge and encouragement, and I am beyond ecstatic and excited that they have finally come together.” ~ Renea Warnock


“Loving the course. What I particularly like & what I’m looking forward to trying myself is how Brooke Shaden plans her projects, starting from an idea and then working out how to turn it into an image. My artistic compositions to-date have been created by getting inspiration from images, so I believe that this course could really help me take my photographic art to the next level.  I also love the fact that she shoots on a budget, which is more inspiring and more achievable for us less professional artists / photographers starting out.  I also just want to say a huge thank you to Sebastian because all of his courses are so incredibly, inspiring & life changing.” ~ Richard Stevens

”Not very many things get me so excited but this news was way too big. My first feeling was: ‘Big thanks to whatever forces brought Brooke and Sebastian together.’ I dove in right away, and I am truly enjoying the course — the way it is set up is brilliant … An incredible source of education.” ~ Soumaya Schnur

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions . . .


Q: How does this material differ from what is covered in Sebastian's Photoshop Artistry or Brooke's fine art photography courses?

A: While there's sure to be some overlap, not everyone has experienced both Sebastian's and Brooke's training — and no one has seen what happens when you bring the two together!  You can expect to encounter plenty of new ideas and (more importantly) exciting new ways of bringing out your creativity and passion for art.  Above all, you can expect this course to light a fire under you like never before.


Q: What if my style doesn't really "fit" with Brooke's work?

A: Brooke's style is actually quite diverse in itself (it's not all dark), but your work certainly needn't look like Brooke's.  Indeed, we're going to help you discover your own style.  The approach you'll learn here will help you tap into the ideas and themes that matter most to you and then enable you to take those ideas and themes and create the best work of your life.


Q: What if I’m a total beginner? How much experience do I need to have with photography or Photoshop?

A: This course was meticulously designed with both the beginner and more seasoned photo artist in mind. The step-by-step training you’ll receive here is easy-to-follow and allows you to develop your skills with ease.  So no worries.  You're going to feel like an expert by the end of this training.


Q: Do I need Photoshop?

A: It's certainly the program we recommend for creating works of layered conceptual photo artistry, and it's the program you'll see used in all of the training here.  But we also cover workarounds for Adobe Elements.  And in theory you can use any program that allows you to work with layers, layer masks, etc.  As long as you have that, you're going to be fine.  Because it's the ideas that matter most.


Q: Do I need an expensive camera?

A: Certainly not.  We do recommend a DSLR or mirrorless camera, although pretty much any will do.  Any simple entry-level camera will do.  And being able to shoot with a nicer camera and work in manual mode is a great advantage (and we cover this in great detail).  But we also discuss using a smart phone or point-and-shoot camera, and you can get by with either of those with a little practice.


Q: What if I have questions about the class?

A: No problem. We are always here to support you with whatever you need, be it a technical question or a more artistic inquiry. There will be email support as well as access to a welcoming and comfortable Facebook group where you can ask questions, receive help, and share your work if you like.


Q: I don't really use Facebook not sure I want to. Is that part an absolute must?

A: The Facebook group is completely optional and will not take away from your experience of the course if you decide to skip that part.  Think of it as a resource for the course. It's a place where folks can ask questions, share about their art and process if they are comfortable with that, and connect with others. Certainly not mandatory. But definitely a lot of fun.


Q: How do I view the course?

A: You can watch the videos on your phone, tablet, Mac, or PC — basically any computer or device while you're online and logged into the site.


Q: How much training is included?  And what if I can’t get to the course right away? How long do I have to access the content?

A: That’s one of the beauties of this course. You can sign into the site any time that’s convenient for you, and you have Lifetime Access to all of it.  Which is good, because this is the kind of material you'll doubtless want to revisit again and again.  Already we have nearly 12 hours of training in place ... with another 10 to 15 hours in bonus training rolling out over the next few months.  You are going to have a lot here to enjoy.  And you can take it all at your own pace.

Your Path to a Meaningful Creative Life and True Artistic Mastery
Stands Clear and Straight Before You

What you learn here is going to completely revolutionize your approach to fine art photography. The material here is going to carry you beyond your comfort zone and enable you to embrace your imagination at an entirely new level, in entirely new ways. Because you will be learning to think differently about your work, while simultaneously mastering everything you need to know to create powerful, pro-caliber compositions that are meaningful to you — and entrancing to your audience.

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Join Brooke and Sebastian on this exciting BRAND NEW artistic adventure . . . Learn to orchestrate exciting photo shoots, create intriguing self-portraits,  even stage fascinating conceptual shoots without any models whatsoever ... AND learn how to then take your photos into Photoshop and craft the most incredible artwork of your life!

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